About HOPE Pageants International

HOPE JOURNEY INTERNATIONAL is all about values, character and community involvement.

We are looking for youth and women with a passion to become positive role models in their communities. 

This is a TRANSPARENT International pageant system for contestants who are passionate about making a significant difference in their community, touching the lives of others and being a positive role model.

This is the only registered pageant system that allocates 70% of the finalists scores towards community projects and interview judging during their period of being a finalist.

HOPE JOURNEY INTERNATIONAL is one of the greatest opportunities for contestants around the world to focus on using their talents to make an impact in their communities and helps them to start living their own purpose driven lives. 

The Pageant is NOT about glitz or glamour or the size of your clothing…it is about your character, values and your HEART to make a difference!



1. The main criteria for competing will be the platform and community involvement of the contestants. The International competition is very strong with regards to this and the international contestants take their platforms and community involvement very seriously.

Note: A PLATFORM is a service project, non-profit organization or social issue that a contestant feels passionate about, is heavily involved in and wishes to promote by competing. HOPE PAGEANTS uses our own specific platform Acting Hope as a basis for contestants to develop their own platforms.

2. Moral values and strength of character is a very crucial aspect of competing. It is important that our contestants will portray a positive image based on these factors.

3. Communication skills and the ability of contestants to promote and brand themselves is a very important skill in all aspects of live. Contestants will automatically develop this skill just by competing; however, it is important that they already have a plan of what they want to achieve by competing in this pageant system.

4. Punctuality and meeting of deadlines and targets are crucial aspects in any career. It is not different for competing in this pageant.

5. A positive self-image and confidence plays a vital role in this competition.

6. Appearance, present ability, style and image are also important aspects in competing. We DO NOT promote that contestants should have perfect bodies and expensive wardrobes according to worldly standards! However, as ambassadors and role models, contestants must show the importance of looking after your body and grooming yourself.

7. Stage presence, poise and grace… Only a small portion of the competition includes modelling. Contestants must also have the ability to present themselves in this.

8. SPORTMANSHIP!! Showing a willingness to grow, learn and improve and an ability to see the best in other contestants …


Contestant platform sheets must be forwarded to the main judge, Ingrid Venter-Groenewald, one week prior to judging.
The main judge will be the link between the Director and other Judges.
An independent auditor will be appointed by Hope Pageants and all auditing will be completed on site during project profile; interviews; public speaking;  evening wear and on-stage public speaking judging.
ALL score sheets will be available for review after each pageant.
Contestants who did not make Top 5 can request their placing, however this will be handled discreetly to spare contestants any humiliation.


  • Community Service and Platform: 50% (of overall score)  Judges will receive contestants’ platform sheets one week prior to judging. Contestants’ project portfolios will be available to view an hour before interview judging starts.
  • Interviews: 20% (of overall score)  Panel interviews are conducted between the judges and contestants. Each contestant will have 1 minute power point presentation followed by 5 minutes of discusussion with the judges.
  • Presentability 5%
  • Values and Character 5%
  • Communication skills 5%
  • Vision 5%
  •  Public Speaking: 10% (of overall score)  Contestants need to prepare a 1 minute motivational or inspirational stage introduction in English.
  • Evening Wear: 20% Contestants will be judged in Evening wear by the panel of Judges.