“Use your talents and serve others…” – 1 Peter 4:10

A ‘pageant’ promoting community development and educational and life skill empowerment

Hope Journey International was established by Ingrid Burger in 2013 as the platform for Acting Hope NPO 131-510.

This is not, however, a beauty pageant that focuses on glitz and glamour, as the finalists from South Africa and other countries are judged on the contributions they have made to disadvantaged communities.

70% of the finalists’ scores are allocated on the basis of community projects that they are involved in as pageant finalists.

The vision behind the Hope Journey International is to help youth and women find their own callings and to motivate them to become part of the solution of critical social problems in South Africa and around the world.

South African contestants, for example, start their journey to the finals by doing various small projects under the guidance of the directors, Ingrid Burger, Sandra Walter-Lewis and Liezel Davids.

Hope Journey International is a personal development programme, which help build people’s self-esteem and confidence and provide them with an opportunity to learn new skills in leadership, team-work, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, empathy development, negotiation, report-writing, presentation skills, event management, interview skills, educational empowerment and more. 

The South African finalists compete against other contestants from countries such as Botswana, Philippines, USA, Zambia, Australia, and Namibia, who have likewise been driving community projects in their homelands. 

Titleholders will be competing at the International event hosted in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town from 9 – 14 January 2018, with the Media launch taking place on Wednesday, 10th of January at 12:00 and the Grand Finale taking place on Saturday 13th January 2018.

If you want more information about sponsoring and supporting the Hope Journey International, you can contact Ingrid Burger at ingrid@hopepageants.co.za